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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise and relaxation. Its practice is widespread in the East and particularly renowned in countries such as India.

There are many forms of yoga from Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar, Anusara Yoga, Restorative yoga, Jivamukti yoga and Bikram yoga to Kundalini yoga. However, all are focused on harmonising the body and the mind and enabling both to work in synchronicity with one another. 

What is a Yoga session like?

Yoga basically means ‘breath’, which is very apt as this is the basis that yoga is formed upon. Whilst doing yoga you are totally aware of the breath, which puts you into a state of meditative relaxation and awareness.

In the practice of yoga you require a yoga mat and loose fitting / non restrictive clothing, you are focused on stretching the body, never straining, and working with the flow of the breath to aid movement and poses. In yoga there are many set poses that have been found to aid in certain illnesses and the prevention of overall dis-ease in the body.

A typical yoga session will work through these series of poses to work the whole body in order that your mind and body are completely at one. Yoga works with the core strength of the body and balance in order to restore the body, mind and spirit connection.

Some yoga classes also incorporate chanting or repeating a word or sentence such as ‘ohm’ or ‘ohm mani padme hum’. Some utilise Buddhist ritual items such as ‘singing bowls’ and ‘ting shas’ (small Tibetan hand symbols) to help clear the room and aid in relaxation. 

At the end of yoga practice you always undergo a period of relaxation, often aided by relaxing music and the use of ‘eye bags’ which are usually filled with herbs such as lavender, to help you to relax even deeper.

When you finish a yoga session you can feel clear, elated, relaxed, a sense of freedom and awareness, and a straight posture. 

How will Yoga help me get pregnant?

Yoga is a fantastic way to not only relax but to strengthen your body. This aids in weight loss, prevention of illness and disease and the prevention of depression on a general level.

However, if you look at Kundalini yoga, which is what I decided to do, after trying Vinyasa Flow yoga, I learned that Kundalini yoga can help with getting pregnant.

The reason that Kundalini yoga helps with conceiving a child is that it is primarily focused on the sacral chakra and the ‘seat of creation’. For this reason the majority of kundalini yoga is carried out in a seated position. It works on a very deep level on the tummy area of your body and your reproducing organs. You are very aware of this in a Kundalini yoga session and during and after a class you are aware of a shift in energy in these regions on an internal level.

This practice is totally focussed on core strength and balance and can help to fully restore ones creativity, fertility and vitality. Kundalini yoga classes are pretty intense, but for this reason you can definitely feel results very quickly on both a physical and emotional level.

Always remember to check with a health professional before undergoing any new exercise regime .

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