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Think Yourself Pregnant?


Can you really just think yourself pregnant?

There have been a number of studies conducted into the connection between neuroscience and infertility and these studies look into how your brain sends “pregnancy lockdown” signals to your body. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it?

But is it possible, can you really be thinking yourself infertile? 

And more importantly CAN you therefore, think yourself fertile?

It is concluded from these studies that during periods of physical or mental stress, the brain produces a chemical called Cortisol. 

Now here’s the science bit, Cortisol inhibits the production of progesterone and as you probably know by now progesterone is responsible for making you ovulation each month. It is a fact that if progesterone levels are low you may not be ovulating consistently or at all. If progesterone is decreased this also leads to an increase in estrogen levels. Elevated estrogen has been linked as a major cause of symptoms such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage.

So basically if you are stressed and start producing Cortisol it affects the main hormones associated with getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

A good way to notice whether you have raised Cortisol levels is to check the following list. If you have a number of these it is highly likely you are stressed and producing Cortisol.

  • You have less energy
  • You have a reduced sex drive
  • You have difficulty getting to sleep and / or staying asleep
  • You become angry easily
  • You suffer with frequent colds
  • You get bouts of diarrhoea or constipation
  • You have a persistent need for achievement
  • You feel guilty when relaxing
  • You rely on caffeine to get you going in the morning

If the above sounds like you, then start taking action today to reduce your stress levels and think yourself pregnant!

Because conversely if you can think yourself infertile, it goes without saying that you can think yourself pregnant does it?

So turn your anxieties and worries into positives. Every day instead of complaining about everything that is bad in your life, take a few moments each morning when you get up and each evening when you go to bed to say thank you for all that is great in your life. You will be amazed how many things you take for granted every day, such as being alive, having all functioning limbs, a job, a loving family, friends the list can be endless.

By doing this simple thing will fully change your thought process and in turn will lower your stress levels.

Of course there are hundreds of thing you can do to lower stress and help with fertility – check out our natural fertility treatments page for more ideas. 

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