Relax Your Way to Pregnancy































Relax Your Way to Pregnancy


Relax your way to pregnancy?  Yeah riight I hear you cry!  I know you’ve probably heard it a million times from well wishers telling you that you need to relax and not stress so much and you’ll get pregnant.  

But the fact is…’s true!

Stress is a major contributor to infertility and a whole host of other illnesses.

However, it’s probably the most difficult thing to cut out of your life. Many women who struggle to get pregnant have very stressful lives, many are in senior positions at work and make very little time for themselves or their partners / families.

This is a simple fact of modern life but also has a serious impact on our ability to get pregnant.

So what can you do?

Well, most women cannot just give up their jobs, take demotion or work less hours – if you can then think about it and whether this would affect your stress levels in a significant manner. 

There are things though, that everyone can do and needn’t take up too much of your time. Here are some very simple suggestions for you to try with very little effort:








  • When you get home from work touch the wall or a stone, or something of significance which you can do every day that signifies you are now home and you can switch off from work.
  • Try not unburdening your stressful day onto your partner every day after work. Yes, its good to have someone to listen to you, but ask yourself, by telling someone will it make it better, can they offer advice, or in fact are you just whinging and keeping the negativity alive and hence ruining your evening as well as your day?
  • Try listening to guided meditation or hypnosis CDs before you go to sleep at night, many have a ‘no wake up’ function so you can just fall asleep and have the best night sleep you ever had. Leaving you to wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.
  • Try doing light exercise in a morning such as yoga, dancing or just jumping up and down and telling yourself how fabulous you are!
  • Speak in a positive way to yourself and others and try not to ‘snipe, run others down or yourself’. When you become aware of this you will be amazed how often you do this on a daily basis without realising it, and also will see how this affects your mood.
  • Just 5 minutes of meditation in a morning when you wake up can really make you feel awake, alert and positive. Your cares will melt away. The word meditation can put fear into most, thinking it’s hippyish and that they don’t know how to do it, trust me – anyone can start to meditate. Just sit with your eyes shut and breathe in and out very slowly 10 times. Really…. that’s it…….that simple, of course you will get better at it, but to begin with that’s just fine.
  • One amazing way to reduce stress is simply to write down at various intervals throughout the day, your stress levels on a scale of one to ten. Or write a summary at the end of each day i.e. what are my stress levels at work, home, with the family etc. Simply by being aware of your stress levels you can reduce them and can also find ways and techniques to handle the stress levels.
  • One thing I used to do if it was all getting too much at work and was approaching stress levels of 10. I would take myself out of the situation, go to the toilet or outside for a couple of minutes, close my eyes and breathe deeply 10 times (meditate). When I re-entered the office nothing seemed quite that bad and allowed me to continue the rest of the day with clarity.


So do yourself a favour and relax your way to pregnancy.  Start looking at the stress in your life and see what you can do to reduce your stress levels to provide a calmer and more serene house for your baby to want to enter.

When most people get stressed they describe a tightening sensation somewhere in their body, and the majority of people feel that in their stomach / abdomen. So be aware of this and ask yourself whether this could be affecting a) the quality of your eggs and b) the ability for them to fertilise and for you to get pregnant and remain pregnant.

When you are stressed if you were to look within, what would it look like? Probably not very nice, so keep that picture in mind and when things get too much remind yourself that you need to keep things as calm as possible for your new baby to arrive.

Good luck and Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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