Natural Fertility Treatments


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Natural Fertility Treatments


Which Natural Fertility Treatment is Right For You?

Once you have decided that you want to get pregnant naturally without harmful drugs or medical assistance, there are so many natural fertility treatments that you can try. All of which will have no side effects and only side benefits.

All of these treatments have been found to aid in significantly increasing your overall wellbeing and health, putting you in a much better position to conceive, stay pregnant and to have a smooth birth.








  • Reflexology







    Reflexology is the practice of massaging and manipulation of the feet and hands to unblock energy in corresponding parts of the body.


  • Acupuncture












    Acupuncture is the practice of applying small needles to pressure points on the body that corresponds to an organ within the body. This is to release blocked energies that can cause illness and imbalance in the body.

  • Nutritionists












    Nutritionists are experts in the relationship between food and health and can work with individuals to better understand their tolerance to food and how it can affect their health in general and to treat common ailments.

  • Reiki












    Reiki literally means Universal Life Energy. The practice of Reiki is concerned with the treatment of the whole body rather than individual symptoms. It is carried out by the placing of hands on the individual by the practitioner to draw energy in order to treat any imbalances. Otherwise known as ‘hands on healing’.

  • Crystal Healing







    Crystal Healing is a method of healing whereby crystals are placed on or around the body. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to treat imbalances in the body, and this form of healing helps to release and clear negative energy that may be blocked.

  • Meditation







    Meditation is the ancient and simple art of clearing your mind. It is a way of relaxing through deep breathing and quietening the mind. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to aid in a peaceful and fulfilled life, and if practiced regularly can aid in eliminating stress and anxiety from our lives.

  • Hypnosis







    Hypnosis induces a state of relaxation whereby a Hypnotist can induce suggestion.  It has been in use for thousands of years and can help with innumerable complaints, illnesses, addictions and more.

    Hypnosis works deeply with the mind whilst it is in this relaxed state and can work with the power of suggestion to re-programme the subconscious mind.

  • Yoga







    Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise and relaxation. Its practice is widespread in the East and particularly renowned in countries such as India.

    Yoga basically means ‘breath’, which is very apt as this is the basis that yoga is formed upon. Whilst doing yoga you are totally aware of the breath, which puts you into a state of meditative relaxation and awareness.

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