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Natural Fertility

Creativity is the route to Creation

Think back to when you were younger…..when your natural fertility was most definitely not on your mind!

Whatever your memories most people will recall a time when they felt free and able to express themselves creatively. How many times did you go out with your friends playing cowboys and Indians, police chases, skipping songs or whatever other imaginary role play games you happened to dream up that day?

On top of that you frequently sang at the top of your voice for anyone to hear and quite frankly didn’t care what you sounded like, whether you had the right words or who heard you.

You also painted, drew and made whatever mess you could with sticky tape and glue.

You were 100% free to express yourself creatively with very little restriction either upon yourself or from the outside world. In fact it was positively encouraged by parents, family and teachers.

So what happened……..?

You got it……we grew up. In fact we were told to grow up.

We hit a certain age when all of this freedom of expression and creativity became frowned upon. ‘Grow up’‘you’re not a kid anymore’, ‘there’s a time and place for everything’, ’ you need to study more’‘stop messing about’, ‘take life seriously’

Any of these sound familiar?

So now we’re an adult and most of these things have been conditioned out of us. In fact we are pretty much scared of expressing ourselves creatively, and especially in public…..are you mad….singing a song in front of anybody and everybody, out of key and we don’t know the words….how embarassing This is what we tell ourselves.

Playing a musical instrument is something you do at school because everyone does, but not many continue this on into adulthood, do they, how do you find the time, I’m so busy.

Bit by bit, the majority of us lose all ability and inclination to do anything much artistic or creative by the time we start working or finish university.

Most of us would probably struggle to think of a single thing we do that is in anyway creative or artistic or allows for freedom of expression.

However, what we all forget is that when looking at chakras, the sex chakra which is concerned with conceiving is also known as ‘the seat of creation’. This is the very base from which creation flows. If we are unable to create then how can we open this chakra to create a child?

Often when Reiki is being carried out, the practitioner can detect blockages in this chakra and it can usually be unblocked by continuous creative expression.

I know myself that when I was a child I used to sing in the school choir, play the clarinet, did well in drama class and loved painting a drawing. Yes I was very artistic. Yet when I hit 17 / 18 that wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore and so one by one I dropped them all, and ever since I have always felt a yearning to express myself artistically. I contemplated joining a local choir, but didn’t have the time. I dabbled at painting and drawing a few pictures, but they became few and far between as I was too tired when I came home from work and on weekends. Bit by bit I pretty much lost my creative identity which was originally such an important part of my life……and ultimately what made me happy.

Yet what we all need to know is that by being creative we can actually tap in to an abundance of energy, time flies when we are in the midsts of creativity and we suddenly don't feel tired anymore.  So we need to schedule in creative hobbies so that they become an everyday occurance such as brushing our teeth – a daily ritual.  Even if it's initially just for 10 minutes per day to begin with – anything is better than nothing!

When I started reflexology to treat my 13 years or infertility, after around 5 sessions and being pre-warned that such extensive work in this area / chakra can lead to excessive crying and other unexplained activities (of which I was curious), I discovered that not only did I spend an entire day crying for no reason…..I also had a ridiculous urge to paint, draw, sing … fact anything I could do to express myself. It was almost manic, literally like a boulder had been covering a massive well of creativity, now the boulder had been moved the creativity was just spilling out of me.

It was such a refreshing and relieving feeling I just can’t adequately explain. After reading on this subject further and really understanding this connection, it seemed obvious to me that this could have been a major effect on my infertility.

So what are you waiting for, make the time, get creative today and restore your natural fertility! See what feelings it unlocks in you and how free and fulfilled it makes you feel.  But remember don't do this to get pregnant or it will forever elude you, do this as a means in itslef to feel fulfilled, less tired and give youself a passion and zest for life again.  Abundance in all shapes really happens when you are living a live filled with passion for what you do.  Natural fertility is a nice side effect / added bonus.

Enjoy the journey and forget about the destination for now!

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