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My Fertility Story


How I Got Pregnant Naturally

My name is Sarah Hunter and I struggled to get pregnant for 13 years and went on a remarkable journey of self discovery and spiritual growth. This journey took me to India, Australia and back to the UK. After 13 years spent trying to get pregnant and coming up against obstacles with doctors and western medicine, I finally got pregnant naturally at the age of 33.

The answer was very simple yet took me 13 years to find the information, but only 3 months to implement it and get pregnant.

I incorporated several aspects of natural therapies and spiritual practices, including nutrition, reflexology, spiritual healing, meditation and reiki to name but a few.

I don’t want you to waste 13 years of endlessly searching for information on how to get pregnant naturally, and trying to piece together all the information.

This is why I created this website and my ebook To Fertility and Beyond!This is written from a personal perspective and I outline everything I tried and what I found to have a profound effect on my life and my ability to get pregnant. 

Fertilisearch is specifically designed to help you to search for and find all the information you need on natural alternatives to IVF all in one place. You can also interact with other women in a similar position to yourself from all over the world in our forum. Hear from people who have got pregnant naturally as I did and share stories and ideas.

It is my mission that all women be fully aware of their own ability to get pregnant naturally without the use of IVF and drugs wherever possible. There are of course exceptions where only medical intervention will help, however, in the vast majority of cases women are being put on a conveyor belt to IVF, as I was, without any information or signposting of the natural alternatives available.

Once we truly understand our bodies and the effect our mind has upon it, we can really begin to heal on an amazing level. I discovered this and connected the dots to create my beautiful daughter Nyima who is now 2 years old.

I have deliberately omitted to put pictures of babies and pregnant women on this website. This is because when I was struggling to get pregnant and searching the internet for answers, I was bombarded with these images and it only made me feel worse about my situation and my yearning for a baby. Therefore, this is a conscious effort on my part that the images contained within this site are either factual or inspiring, to make you think of the possibilities, not the thing you are struggling to attain. 

It is my firm belief that in order to have a child, you must act like a child. Be free, laugh, love, play, be stress free and creative. This came naturally to us once upon a time but now we equate this to being irresponsible, hippyish or childish. I can assure you that I am none of these and still managed to heal myself and continue to live and love life on every level.

It is my sincere hope that you too will manage to cure your own infertility by looking within for the answers and living the best life you possibly can.

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