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Mind, Body and Soul

What is the link between the mind body and soul and pregnancy?

You may have heard the phrase ‘mind, body and soul’ and thought new age hippy rubbish. But if you break it down it really is our very essence, everything that makes us who and what we are.

So how can this affect fertility and getting pregnant?

In the west we focus more or less 100% on the body, we hold people such as doctors in very high regard and see them as being able to cure our bodies regardless of the illness or concern.

However, in other cultures this is not the case, and many thousands of years ago this was not the case for the majority of human beings. 

Over time we have lost touch with the other two important aspects of our make-up – the mind and the soul.

Infertility is a prime example where we have come to think of this situation as a medical problem, and in some cases it is and IVF is a wonderful solution. However, in the vast majority of cases it is the mind, body, soul connection that is at work or not at work as the case may be. There is a misalignment. 

Many therapists and professionals now believe that a lot can be affected by ‘mind over matter’when it comes to getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Most women adjust their lives, their diet and their stress levels once they are pregnant. You don’t see that many women smoking or drinking when they are pregnant or shouting and screaming from stress. Yet most do not adjust their lives in this fashion in preparation to ‘get’pregnant.

Also, there are often other factors that come into play, for example someone’s religious beliefs may conflict i.e. a woman could be yearning for a baby but not yet be married – this could be completely against their religious belief system and so can block the woman’s ability to conceive.

My own personal example, although quite unique, I believe had some bearing on my ability to conceive. My mum died when I was 13 years old and she was 42, her mum also died when she was 13 years old and her mum was 42….you can see where my mind was at.

In my mind I wanted to avoid having a child at the age of 29 like the plague!

So I decided I would have children young, just in case I died at 42 too, and the kids would at least be old enough to take care of themselves. So I started to ‘try’ or at least not try not to get pregnant at the age of 20 years old. Now I know that is considered very young these days, but I was already engaged and planning to buy a house and get married, and due to having to grow up young, I was quite mature for my age.

Thank goodness I started trying to get pregnant so young as had I decided to leave it until after 29, which of course was the other option, it may have been too late for me.

So is it conceivable that this worry about get pregnant at 29 in fact was so overbearing that it just stopped me getting pregnant full stop. On top of this of course there’s all the usual stuff going on in your head…..can we afford a child, should we buy a house, a car, get married etc all before having a child? Can we provide a stable home and security? Should I start my career first? There are a lot of negatives going on in women’s minds these days related to pregnancy, compared to ever before.

Could it be that we are in fact talking ourselves out of being pregnant without even knowing it?

Could infertility be largely psychosomatic?

Most people would bolt at the thought and so did I when someone suggested it to me. But if we are really honest with ourselves, are we feeling and thinking 100% that we want this baby, no strings attached, no negative thoughts, no depressive thoughts because it hasn’t shown up fast enough, no jealous thoughts towards others who have kids etc? 

Probably not, so I think we have to draw the conclusion that the mind plays an enormously important role in conceiving a child and also in keeping the child once you have conceived it.

So make sure that on a daily basis you mind, body and soul are all perfectly aligned with each other to ensure the best chances of pregnancy success! You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel about yourself and your unborn child.

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