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Fertility Reiki


What is Fertility Reiki?

Reiki literally means Universal Life Energy. The practice of Fertility Healing and Reiki is concerned with the treatment of the whole body rather than individual symptoms. It is carried out by the placing of hands on the individual by the practitioner to draw energy in order to treat any imbalances. Otherwise known as ‘hands on healing’.

Most people have heard of ‘hands on healing’ but have probably not realised it’s the same as Reiki. There have been many accounts of hands on healing working with all sorts of ailments throughout the body. The main difference I suppose is that Reiki works at healing the body as a whole, rather than specific ailments. 

It is believed that the very reason we are alive and drawing breath is because we all have a ‘life force’ running through us. This ‘life force’ is channelled through pathways within our physical bodies called chakras, meridians and nadis. This energy flow is also at work in the aura, which many of you may be familiar with.

All of these energies are recognised by a specific colour and this is highlighted when we look at the chakras and crystal healing.

Fertility healing works in such a way as to flow and channel energy through the affected areas of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. In parts of the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are located and attached, Reiki can help by raising the vibration level of the energy field both within and around the body. 

What is a Fertility healing session like?

Many have reported that a Reiki session is even more relaxing, centering and uplifting than having a massage.

A Fertility healing session is typically 1 hour long and is conducted with you either laying down or sitting. You remain fully clothed throughout the session and you are given the opportunity to make the Reiki practitioner aware of any specific ailments or areas you would like them to focus upon.

During a session people have reported that they have experienced the following:

  • A feeling of heat, tingling, coolness and moving energy on the area of the body they are focusing on
  • A feeling of lightness or heaviness through deeper relaxation
  • Feeling a sense of well being, calmness and relaxation
  • Seeing colours, imagery and insights either verbal or through pictures
  • A release of stress and anxiety sometime followed crying if the body needs to

Reiki is an excellent healing tool to release hidden problems, emotional hurts and traumas that may be blocked or embedded within our bodies and minds.

How will Reiki help me to get pregnant?

Reiki works very much in the same way as many other traditional healing practices in that it helps to release emotions and blockages.

It is not invasive at all and very relaxing which in itself is a great start when trying to get pregnant. It can centre you and focus your mind whilst healing any past hurts you may be holding onto.

Reiki is great for helping energy to flow through your whole body but in a very subtle way with no side effects. You may need several Reiki sessions as its effects are subtle, so is great to use alongside other natural fertility treatments.

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