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Fertility Reflexology


What is Fertility Reflexology?

Fertility Reflexology is the practice of massaging and manipulation of the feet and hands to unblock energy in corresponding parts of the body.

Since man could walk we all walked around barefoot and naturally stimulated the reflex points on the feet.  This means that we were able to maintain good health and a balanced body without even realising it.

It is believed that the hands and feet are receptors for healing various parts of the body and thus a number of ailments that we suffer on a daily basis. These points on the hands and feet are called ‘reflex points’ and can tap into the energy that is flowing through our bodies when manipulated.

There is a circulation of vital energy that runs between the vital organs in the body and permeates every living cell and tissue. When this energy becomes blocked, that can occur through numerous lifestyle factors such as negativity, poor diet or mental health. 

The Fertility Reflexologist is an expert at identifying these blockages by detecting the presence of lumps, thickened areas (crystal deposits) or pain experienced by the patient when they are manipulated / massaged. The Reflexologist then works to apply varied amounts of pressure using the thumb and knuckles to breakdown these blockages and to enable the flow of energy again.

What is a Fertility Reflexology session like?

When you go to a fertility reflexology session it is a very relaxed environment.  You complete a general health form and discuss with the Reflexologist any illnesses you are experiencing. They also consult with you in-depth about other aspects of your life such as work, home, family, stress levels and diet/nutrition.

It is a real platform to discuss all aspects of your life and to also see the physical result of that lifestyle when your feet are massaged. You will find initially that it can be quite painful when they touch upon a blockage, but as you adapt your lifestyle and continue with your sessions, you will find that the blockages and indeed the pain – disappear.

Fertility Reflexology can assist with a number of ailments and illnesses, but amazingly is also up to 75% effective at curing infertility. Yes that’s right up to 75% compared to 30% for IVF!

It is considerably cheaper than IVF too with sessions costing anything from £30 to £60 depending upon your geographic location and level of expertise.

When looking for a Reflexologist make sure you do your research and find Reflexologists who specialise in fertility reflexology. They will be experts within this aspect and will work with you to understand your cycles including your periods and ovulation.

Reflexology is also excellent at curing feminine issues such as endometriosis, painful periods and other gynaecological problems.  So you may find that along the path to curing your infertility you cure a host of other ailments too!

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