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Fertility Hypnosis


What is Fertility Hypnosis?

Fertility hypnosis is an induced state of relaxation whereby a person is open to suggestion relating to getting pregnant and has a heightened sense of awareness.

Hypnosis works deeply with the mind whilst it is in this relaxed state and can work with the power of suggestion to re-programme the subconscious mind. It is particularly good at helping with addictions, insomnia, phobias, depression and inducing a positive state of mind.

Hypnosis has been carried out for many years, and is now widely recognised as having medical benefits. Its use is particularly widespread in the treatment of phobias and stopping smoking, and amazing results have been recorded and sited.

What is a Hynosis session like?

As with any kind of therapy, firstly you will discuss with the hypnotherapist about any specific ailment / issue that you are hoping for help with. You may also be asked to complete a health questionnaire. 

The Hypnotherapist will then make you feel at ease and will usually ask you to lie on a couch. They will then speak to you in a low, calm and relaxed tone of voice in order to induce a state of relaxation and to begin the process of hypnosis.

Once you are hypnotised you will have a heightened sense of awareness as if in meditation and will be totally focused on the hypnotist’s voice and suggestions. Speaking to the subconscious, the words and suggestions will be absorbed by the mind, without you being conscious of the fact.

After the session you will feel light, elated and relaxed. Most people report having a clear perspective and calmness about them. This is very similar to meditation, yoga and other forms of relaxation such as massage and reflexology.

How will fertility hypnosis help me get pregnant?

Often when we are trying to get pregnant, we become so engrossed in conceiving that we almost become addicted to ‘getting pregnant’. It is all-consuming and we can lose perspective.

Hypnosis can help in a similar way to other therapies mentioned, in that it aids with relaxation of the body and mind. However, as this is working with the subconscious, it can work on a deeper level to suggest visualisation of being pregnant, so that we believe we will get pregnant on every level. It works with the power of the mind in affirming a positive mental attitude. 

Hypnosis can also clear away the idea that ‘I am infertile’, as this can become a label that we wear – a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’. If we are told we are infertile by a medical professional then who are we to argue, it must be true……….right? Hypnosis can reverse this mind set so we believe that we are fertile, healthy and happy.

It can also help with how we cope with seeing other people who are pregnant, dealing with the news that our friends and family are pregnant. People cope with this in many different ways, but again, all of this can be improved by the use of hypnosis. 

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