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To Fertility & Beyond! Fertility e-book

Here is a sneak peak inside my Fertility e-Book, entitled "To Fertility & Beyond!

A real life account of conceiving naturally, without the use of IVF – Experienced and Written by Sarah Hunter

Fertility e-book Chapter 1

I had been trying to get pregnant for what felt like an eternity – 13 years to be precise – unlucky for some!

I had been given every advice under the sun, “lose weight”, “stop thinking about it”, “stop ‘trying’ to get pregnant”, “relax”, “don’t get stressed”, “it will just happen on its own”, “you’re better off without kids anyway”, “kids are expensive”, “why don’t you adopt”, “why don’t you do IVF” and so on and so on……

As you are reading this, I’ll assume you’re in the same situation and heard it all before too.

I had also had every test known to man by the ‘so called’ health professionals. I was practically forced down the IVF route until I said ‘NO’, after reading that in fact IVF pushed your body into the early menopause and back again, and learned of all the bad effects this had on your body both short term and long term. Nobody told me about this, I had to discover this myself.

The way I saw it, if I am healthy and there is no physical or medical reason why I can’t get pregnant, then surely there is nothing to ‘fix’, so doing IVF does not make sense to me. I point blank refused to have IVF and had to be quite stern at that, as doctors just could not understand why I would say ‘NO’. In fact one doctor went so far as saying ‘well how badly do you want a baby?' My answer was ‘not enough to jeopardise my own health’. This just didn’t make sense to me; surely you had to be in the best health possible to get pregnant and continue to be pregnant. Yet IVF did the exact opposite – it actually would make me ill.

One door closed!

There had to be another way…………..

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