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Crystal Healing


What is Fertility Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing has been used for several thousands of years, and people have always known their power and energy in healing. Crystals for healing date back to the ancient Egyptians, which was first recorded up to 5000 years ago.

Fertility crystal healing as a therapy, specifically involves the placing of different crystals either on or around the body. Each crystal corresponds to a specific chakra which has its own unique healing quality and vibrational resonance. There are numerous types of crystals that are used to heal the body, mind and soul.

Crystal healing helps to restore balance and aids to release and clear negative energy in the physical body. The crystals work perfectly as a conductor with the electromagnetic field of the body in order to offer healing effects for the whole body, mind and soul. It has been researched and noted that crystals carry vibrations that activate certain energy centres within the body’s electromagnetic system which results in having an overall positive effect.

What is a Crystal Healing session like?

When you have a crystal healing session you are asked to lay down and the healer places crystals (the laying down of stones) along the chakra points and energy centres of your body and around you. The crystals will have been cleansed and charged beforehand so they are free from any negative energy.

The healer will normally ask you about something in particular that you would like to work and focus upon, so they can use the crystals to concentrate in a specific area of the body that corresponds to that ailment.

In terms of the feelings and sensations you feel during a session, this is very personal to the individual and varies from person to person. However, these include the following feelings:

  • Lightness
  • Spiritual awareness and clarity
  • A sense of freedom and wellbeing
  • Coolness or heat in a specific area
  • Tightness in an area of severe blockage
  • Grounded

Crystals contain constant, pure, and concentrated energy which are perfect healing tools for uplifting the human aura, body, and psyche. This can be particularly powerful when used alone or in combination with other natural healing therapies.

How will Crystal Healing help me to get pregnant?

When an energy blockage occurs in the body, chakras or energy field, this results in a deficiency in that area. This in turn can lead to physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease. Fertility crystal healing can be concentrated to work on the sacral chakra and/or sex chakra to work with fertility issues. It is in this scenario where applying the right crystals can help you to get pregnant naturally. 

The Quartz crystal in particular holds and radiates high energies that enable us to tune up our own energy systems. It also, more amazingly, has the ability to be programmed with our intentions for healing or manifesting. Crystals are particularly good for creating and manifesting things in your life – even a baby! Programming crystals can bring about your desired manifestations very quickly and in their highest forms.

It could be an idea to wear a clear quartz pendnat which trying to get pregnant and maintim positive affirmations through the time you are wearing it.

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