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Fertility Acupuncture

What is Fertility Acupuncture?

According to the British Acupuncture Council, acupuncture can be used as both a stand-alone therapy and in combination with conventional western medicine. It is the art of administering very fine needles to pressure points all over the body in order to clear blocked energy. It works to help maintain your body’s equilibrium by regulating the flow of ‘qi’, your body’s vital energy or‘life flow’.

Many people look to acupuncture for help with specific symptoms or to relieve body aches and pains such as arthritis or osteoporosis. Many people just have a general sense of being unwell but western medicine cannot pinpoint the reason for this or offer any relief.

Acupuncture is a suitable form of therapy for people of all ages right from small babies to older people.

What is a session like?

When you have a session of fertility acupuncture the acupuncturist uses various different methods for diagnosing your overall health and well being. These are not limited to, but include taking a full medical history, asking about your lifestyle and overall health, reading your pulse and looking at your tongue.

From this information the acupuncturist is then able to diagnose specific illnesses, imbalances and healthiness. The acupuncturist is then able to create a personalised treatment plan specific for your needs. Based on your diagnosis, acupuncture points are selected according to your symptoms.

The acupuncturist then selects single-use sterile needles that come in individual packs, which are opened in front of you and are safely disposed of after each treatment.

It is widely known that acupuncture does not hurt, despite how squeamish people may be of needles. The majority of people say no pain or sense of discomfort was experienced throughout an acupuncture session.  Some however, say that they feel a tingling sensation or dull ache. The needles are extremely fine though, unlike the ones that are used to take blood or give injections.

The number of sessions that you may need is totally dependent upon your individual condition and the severity of it. The average number of sessions, however, to feel some change is around 5 or 6 sessions, although some report that just 1 or 2 sessions were sufficient.

Those who have been impressed by acupuncture maintain sessions on a regular basis at lesser intervals.  This helps to maintain an all over sense of wellbeing and balance.

How can it help me to get pregnant?

Fertility Acupuncture works on the meridians of the body and can facilitate the flow of energy through the body.  It can unblock any blockages through the use of needles. An acupuncturist can apply this method to any illness by targeting the specific pressure points relative to that illness.

In the case of fertility acupuncture, this focuses heavily on the endocrine system and points such as the kidneys and the liver, whose function is key to producing the right balance and hormones crucial to getting pregnant.

Most clinical trials that have taken place have suggested that acupuncture may help in the treatment of infertility in the following ways:

  • Regulating fertility – stress and other factors can disrupt the function of the hypothalamic pituitary-ovarian axis (HPOA)
  • Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organ (Ho 2009, Anderson 2007), which can improve the thickness of the endometrial lining, so increasing the chances of embryo implantation
  • Increases egg production (Jin 2009) and improving oocyte quality (Chen 2009) which could increase the chance of fertilisation
  • Improving luteal function (Huang 2009)
  • Regulating follicle stimulation hormone –receptor expression (Jin 2009)


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