Think Yourself Pregnant?
Is it really possible to 'Think yourself pregnant?' Could our thoughts really shape our reality? Read more..

Celebs Who Struggle to Get Pregnant
Yes you're not alone, star status does not make you imune to infertility.  It affects many women, rich or poor, celebrity or not. Read more..

Relax Your Way To Pregnancy
Yes, you've  heard it a million times but relaxing really is one of the best ways to get pregnant.  Easier said than done right? Read more..



































Beat Infertility, Naturally



Where are you on your fertility journey?

Whether you have unexplained infertility, new to the fertility journey, have medical issues preventing conception, have secondary infertility, wondering why can't I get pregnant naturally or daunted by the prospect of IVF?  Wherever you are in your fertility journey there is a wealth of information and resources at Fertilisearch to point you in the right direction or to give you the boost and all important information and facts you need to decide what's right for you.

Issues with fertility in both men and women have increased dramatically over the past 25 years leaving many couples wondering which way to turn. Find out how you can boost your fertility naturally, that most health professionals fail to tell you.  Yes you can really do this yourself without the use of drugs, IVF or other synthetic aids.  However, for the small minority of men and women who do need medical intervention we look offer helpful advice to aid you make the right decision for you!

IVF continues to have low success rates compared to a multitude of natural fertility treatments that most people are unaware of.

At Fertilisearch we are sensitive to your situation and your needs. We do not show endless pictures of pregnant ladies or cute babies reminding you that you can’t get pregnant, we offer practical advice to help you through this period and to help you come out the other side with your sanity and health intact! Read my e-Book to see how I worked my way through fertility issues and increased my fertility naturally to inspire me to create this website for others like me.

Should you choose to go down the route of IVF after having viewed our resources then at least you will find that your chances of success will have been significantly increased as a result of following some of the advice and tips contained here.

Fertilisearch aims to answer any and all questions, issues and frustrations you may have faced as a result of trying to get pregnant.

We look you as a whole, health, mind, body and soul as all is affected when we are preparing ourselves to get pregnant. It is important that we acknowledge this and learn that increasing our fertility naturally is not just connected with the physical functionality of the body.

The ancient Chinese and other civilisations believed that all elements had to be working in harmony for the body to be fertile and ultimately conceive a child. This is something that has been lost in our ever changing, busy modern world.

Read our articles section which focuses on insights such as Think Yourself Pregnant, Creativity is the Route of Creation and Relax Your Way to Pregnancy. These contain useful tips and advice that you may not have considered were important factors in matters of fertility and getting pregnant.

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