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Fertility Affirmations

fertility affirmations

Fertility affirmations are a great tool to use when trying to get pregnant. Firstly it’s FREE! Secondly you can say them in your head without anyone knowing, and thirdly they make you feel great.

What are affirmations and positive thinking?

Affirmations are words and phrases that help to change the way you think, your outlook on life and can dramatically shift your mood and the way you see things. It’s it based on the universal law of attraction i.e. we get what we focus on.


I get out of bed and stub my toe…OUCH!

I get dressed and ladder my tights

I commute to work and get stuck in traffic, so am late for an important meeting

And so on and so on and the day progressively gets worse

I say to myself ‘I wish I never got out of bed today’

I’m sure you all recognise days like this

This could be because that very first event shaped the look of your day. It made you angry, curse and made you all in all negative. This then went out into the universe and guess what you attracted more of the same back.

The universal law of attraction states that what we give out we get back. If we give out positive energy we get good energy back. Therefore, changing the way we think into a positive can dramatically change our lives.

There is a very strong link between the mind, emotions and the body. Imagine your feelings when you find out you have been accepted for a new job. You get butterflies in your stomach and your whole body feels alive and energised.

You then find out it was a mistake and you didn’t get the job. Now how do you feel? Your whole body changes, you get a knot in your stomach and feel dreadful, lack of energy and enthusiasm.

This is a clear connection between body and mind and the words we hear.

How can fertility affirmations help me get pregnant?

Many women have found that by changing the way they think about infertility can really help them stay positive and focus on the good things.

Here are a list of specific affirmations that may help you regarding getting pregnant and also feeling generally good about yourself:

Fertility Affirmations – fertility and positive thinking

  • I have a fertile body that I nurture daily
  • I am pregnant with a beautiful, healthy baby
  • Hip, hip hooray there is joy in every day (helps to open up the hips for fertility)
  • My life is in perfect balance
  • I accept the gift of a new life within my body
  • I now choose positive thoughts and feelings that nurture my femininity
  • I release fears and worries about my age and body clock
  • I surrender myself to the infinite power of nature and welcome a new cycle of life
  • I now release all emotional and mental blocks that are preventing me from conceiving


Mental Block affirmations

  • I trust, love and accept myself
  • It’s OK to be me
  • I am at one with the ebb and flow of the universe
  • I willingly release negative feelings from past experiences and open myself to positive new ones
  • I focus on the power of here and now


Healthy Lifestyle affirmations

  • I choose a healthy lifestyle that supports and enhances my natural fertility
  • I experience well-being with all my senses
  • I eat a healthy diet that lovingly nourishes my body
  • I embrace the day in a calm and confident manner
  • I maintain a healthy body, mind and soul


Manifesting your desires affirmations

  • I am open to receiving abundance of all good things in my life
  • I am a magnet for prosperity
  • I graciously accept my feminine abundance
  • The universal life force supports and enhances my creative energy
  • I lovingly accept my creativity
  • I am worthy of receiving good things into my life







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