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The word ‘Femininity has had a bit of bad press over the years and has come to be associated with feminism on one hand – with the connotation of harsh women acting like men and stabbing men in the back to get to the top, bra burning vigilantes, and on the other hand ‘girly’,‘weak’‘prissy’‘old fashioned house wife’.

So what is femininity actually?

It’s plain and simply the way in which women connect with themselves. You may have heard the phrase the ‘divine feminine’. New age hippy mumbo jumbo I hear you cry! Well whatever your view point the fact is that women are feminine and men are masculine from birth and have the relevant hormones to support that.

Overtime these feminine and masculine elements become a bit skewed and as can be seen in society today women more than ever before are becoming more masculine and men are becoming more feminine. This is mainly to do with the shift in the workplace of women now working, women in positions of power and many men now taking a back seat to more domineering women and the need for men to be more attractive in an office /sales environment. The whole dynamics of men and women have changed.

Now I’m not advocating that we all go back to the way it was in the 1950s, however, I am suggesting that the boundaries of men and women and their characteristics were much more defined, and ultimately as a result of this men and women are not quite sure what it means anymore to be masculine or feminine and in fact whether it’s OK to be either.

If a man says he is masculine, he is considered a chauvinist, an oaf, a Neanderthal and so on. 

So we’re not even sure it’s OK to express ourselves in these ways.

I am again a prime example of this at work and many of you can probably relate on some level:

When I was 13 my mother died, I was raised by my dad and had an older brother. I played pool and darts with my dad and brother and had many male friends at school, very few boyfriends, as they all saw me as a friend and I preferred playing football with the boys than hockey with the girls. As I grew up, I always responded better to men and when I started work the majority of my bosses were men. Later in my career I feel into very male orientated companies in both gambling and finance which were heavily dominated by men, and then worked my way up to Director level where I had meeting with 95% male colleagues and struggled to get my female voice heard in such a male dominated environment. In fact to my surprise I was once told I was ‘too female and Northern’ by one Director. That was the first time I had ever been referred to as female to be honest as most people did not see me that way, myself included.

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